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Primoceler at Photonics West 2017

We are attending Photonics West 2017 exhibition in San Francisco. Visit our booth at #5467 to find out the latest news on

Primoceler strengthens IP portfolio

Primoceler has been heavily investing on developing glass and silicon bonding processes for medical, MEMS, aerospace and for high temperature applications. Recently

Growth targets met – Primoceler enters to the second phase in Young Innovative Company programme

A year ago Primoceler was accepted to Young Innovative Company programme. Programme selects the most potential and growing Finnish startup companies with

Primoceler receives funding, accelerating growth for MEMS and microfluidics applications”

Preparing for a surge in production volumes for new application areas in microfluidics, 3D sensing and MEMS applications.

Glass bonding for VCSEL packaging with the European Space Agency

Primoceler is proud to announce a new co-operation project with the European Space Agency: A hermetic glass package for a VCSEL array

Ms Heidi Lundén nominated as the best speaker at IMAPS-UK conference

The presentation about glass bonding and hermetic opto-electronics packaging by Ms. Heidi Lundén from Primoceler was nominated as the best presentation at

IMAPS 12th International Conference and Exhibition on Device Packaging

Primoceler Oy Primoceler presents their glass bonding technology at IMAPS 12th International Conference and Exhibition on Device Packaging in Arizona. You will

MicroTech 2016 – Sensors, MEMS & Advanced Packaging

Primoceler Oy Primoceler participates in IMAPS-UK’s MicroTech 2016 held in Edinburgh. This year’s theme “Sensors, MEMS & Advanced Packaging” is perfect to

IMAPS For Medical Applications in Lyon

The French IMAPS Chapter presents the 3rd Advanced Technology Workshop on Microelectronics, Systems and Packaging for Medical Applications. The event is held

Ultra-Thin Glass bonding presented at Photonics West 2016

Primoceler Oy Primoceler will be presenting their glass packaging technology at Photonics West 2016. Besides having a booth (Booth number 5269), a

Primoceler at IMAPS Orlando

Primoceler Oy At IMAPS Orlando Primoceler glass bonding technology will be presented by Ms. Heidi Lundén from Primoceler together with Mr. Liam

Primoceler receives new funding

Primoceler and it’s glass welding technology has been accepted to Young Innovative Company founding programme. The programme is funded by Tekes –

Primoceler at Photonics West 2015

Primoceler will be attending to Photonics West 2015 exhibition 9-12.2.2015. Our booth can be found at 1941. Primoceler is representing it’s unique

Hermeticity test results for the glass encapsulation

Primoceler performed a Radioisotope leak test with krypton 85 at Oneida Research Center ( The glass packages passed all the tests and

Primoceler at ESTC 2014

Ms. Heidi Lundén from Primoceler presented a publication “Novel Glass Welding Technique for Hermetic Encapsulation” at ESTC 2014. In the publication, the

Temperature cycling tests for Primoceler glass welding and sealing technology

Temperature cycling tests according to MIL-STD-750, method 1051 have been performed, to demonstrate the effect of thermal stresses to the hermetic glass

Lasys trade fair – Hermetic glass encapsulation and sealing technology presented

Primoceler would like to thank all the visitors at Lasys 2014. Presentation about hermetic glass sealing and encapsulation technology raised a lot

Primoceler welding technology presented in Lasys trade fair.

The LASYS 2014 trade fair is to be held on 24th to 26th June in Stuttgart. Our CEO, Ville Hevonkorpi, is to

Glass encapsulation – an Award winning technology

Primoceler wants to congratulate Valtronic and mb microtec for the Golden Mousetrap Award! Valtronic has been Honored with a Golden Mousetrap Award

Primoceler to develop hermetic glass encapsulation with the European Space Agency

European Space Agency Chooses Microfabrication Company Primoceler For Engineering Of New Optoelectronics Package 2014-02-05 Wednesday, February 05, 2014: Primoceler is a leading

Microfabrication Company Primoceler Unveils New Glass Welding Machine Producing Significantly Reduced Heat-Affected Zone

About Us

Primoceler is your developing partner specializing in laser micro welding and scribing of transparent materials globally.


Located in Tampere, Finland, one of the leading European hubs for laser and photonics industry and research, Primoceler partners with its clients to create success through new business opportunities. The company’s microfabrication solutions have not only improved manufacturing processes but also revolutionized microscale bonding of transparent materials and enabled completely new product portfolios and business opportunities in semiconductor industry and medical technology.

Sapphire’s cost-effectiveness, durability, high melting point, chemical inertness, transparency and capacity for optical transmission in visible, ultra-violet and near-infrared light make it a highly desirable material in several industries. For example, because of the material’s resistance to heat and chemical erosion, sapphire substrates are currently used in the manufacturing of many LEDs for mobile handsets, televisions, automobile headlights and general lighting.

What we do?

Our products

Laser Welding

Suitable materials for laser welding are for example most glass types and silicon. Fast laser process forms hermetic encapsulation within seconds. With conventional bonding methods like fusion bonding and anodic bonding, a lot of heat is generated which can cause problems with sensitive components. With our welding technology, the heat affected zone (HAZ) is just some micro meters.

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Laser Scribing

The use of sapphire is growing rapidly in displays, LEDs and in cover windows. New picosecond laser based method improves processing speed and ensures good edge quality. Compared to traditional processes also running costs are lower since no consumables are required.

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Primoceler continues to be a pioneer in laser micromachining

Who we are?

We are Primoceler

Primoceler Ltd has received attention in the laser world. It’s good to know that we are not the only ones impressed by our knowledge, technology and products.

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Ville Hevonkorpi

Managing Director
+358 40 505 7623
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Antti Peltonen

Sales Manager
+358 40 556 5513

Industries that can benefit from our unique laser micro welding technology

Optical Components

Medical Industry

Aero and Space Industry

Display Industry


How about Some Facts about our technology?

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Address: Kauhakorvenkatu 52 33720 Tampere, Finland

Phone: +358 40 505 7623

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