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Primoceler was established to address challenges in hermetic device manufacturing

We help our customers in developing, manufacturing and testing hermetically sealed products.

Our experience started in the Medical Device Industry, where Primoceler’s novel glass bonding method solved issues in hermetic sealing of medical implants.

From there, we worked with the Aerospace industry, where the advantages of our Glass micro Bonding were verified and continuously tested. Our long tradition continues today, as Primoceler is currently working on several aerospace projects together with the European Space Agency.

Primoceler’s patented bonding method assists in manufacturing components for consumer devices

Given the nature of consumer devices, high yield production and throughput are of essence. Our product portfolio consists of R&D services, prototyping and proof-of-concept testing.

Furthermore, Primoceler offers manufacturing services. Quality assurance is at the center of all our processes and we have a wide range of expertise in hermeticity testing and reliability assurance. We quarantee that the most stringent demands can be addressed.

Our Innovative Team



Our innovative team has been able to develop more than 100 customer product solutions in hermetic device design and manufacturing.


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VP of business development

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