Reliability in extreme condition


For every aerospace application reliability is of the essence.
Primoceler’s bonding technology offers reliable all-in-glass packages, which means devices will have high stability in harsh environments.

Key benefits

  • High hermeticity ›› Reliable device operation
  • No additives ›› Outgassing issues minimized
  • All-in-glass package available ›› CTE issues minimized

Reliability beyond expectations

In many aerospace applications hermeticity is very important, ensuring long device lifetime in extreme conditions. Visual inspection is also crucial when verifying device reliability. Primoceler’s glass packages allow a simple way of looking into the devices, making visual inspection without the use of X-rays possible.

Bonding technology for opto-electric devices

Primoceler’s Glass micro Bonding enables enables the manufacture of optical sensors and opto-electric devices, such as high reliability VCSEL and photodiode devices. The bonding method does not need additive materials, avoiding any outgassing issues. Furthermore, challenges due to thermal cycling can be completely avoided.

Room temperature vacuum sealing

Applications such as IR microbolometers, atomic clocks, and inertial sensors require hermetic vacuum sealing, which must be permanent in order to ensure a reliable device performance. Vacuum is also used to protect MEMS devices. Primoceler can perform vacuum sealing in room temperature and a controlled gas environment can be sealed inside the device.

Experience from ESA projects

Primoceler has been working on various projects together with the European Space Agency. Our vast experience from aerospace applications means the quality and workflow of predefined processes are part of our daily work.

MIL standard testing

Primoceler has performed environmental and mechanical testing on its bonding method. Testing was executed according to military standards for space application. Moisture resistance, thermal cycling and hermeticity have all been verified. Find out more about the technology and test results.

Reliability verification

Ensuring device performance is essential in aerospace applications. Our team can help define verification and testing campains. Read more about our verification services.

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